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Inspired Iskwew is a personal development coaching service that caters to empowering Indigenous youth. The business  needed a web and identity re-design for a more appealing web presence while implementing the existing logo for brand recognition.
Lone Eagle Ventures is an equestrian healing program to help youth gain valuable life skills using therapy with horses. They also help adults with mental health and addiction. Their venture needed a web presence to showcase their services and contact information with a photo heavy layout of welcoming visuals.
Stunt Nations is a stunt school for Indigenous and non-Indigenous adults and youth who want to break into film and television stunt acting. They needed a web presence and contact form for registrants to apply for workshops and inquire about services. 
Since this website was designed, stunt nations has hundreds of inquiries and applications as they continue to grow and establish their brand presence in western Canada.
Shannon Pestun consulting focuses on breaking barriers to advance an inclusive and sustainable economy for Indigenous women and entrepreneurs. Shannon needed a brand identity and website to gain more reach, brand recognition, and a full web presence for a clear call to action for booking clients and speaking inquiries. 
Indigi Merch offers customized apparel and promotional merchandise tailored to their client's needs. They needed a web re-design with fully integrated e-commerce to sell their merchandise online. Since the re-design, their customer base has grown exponentially and sales have exceeded expectations.  
Bearwoman & Associates has helped countless Indigenous communities, teams, and businesses achieve transformational healing. They needed a web presence to communicate to their clients and community about their workshops and healing initiatives.

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