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Rainwolf is an artist & talent management company that specializes in empowering artists to their full potential and help manage career success. 
 Their business needed a web presence and contact form to build upon their growing reputation as one of Canada's leading management teams.
Joe Dion Buffalo is a talented Pro Skateboarder, actor, and Public Speaker. helping communities by sharing his story and fundraising for underrepresented youth.
Joe needed a web presence for a place to call home in a digital world, a store for his merchandise,  and for prospects to contact him. I designed Joe's website with an action-inspired layout and  inviting colours throughout.
Inspired Iskwew is a personal development coaching business that helps to inspire and help Indigenous youth reach their full potential.
I helped re-design Inspired Iskwew as there was a shift and growth needed as the business grew and morphed into a stronger presence. I implemented a UX-friendly design to achieve higher retention and response rate from their target market.
Stunt Nations is an Indigenous non-profit Stunt School located in Morely, Alberta. In 2022 I built Stunt Nations' website as they needed an official web presence. 
More recently,  I re-designed the website to be oriented based on their new brand logo and colours while implementing a UX-friendly interface to help clients navigate the site and contact them for workshop bookings and any other inquiries.
Bearwoman & Associates helps Indigenous communities to heal and find strength within themselves. Their approach revolves around traditional healing methods and workshops for trauma survivors. 
I built their website based on research and a close iteration and feedback relationship. I ensured they had a straightforward and simplistic design with bright inviting colors so those seeking help could quickly find sources and information. 

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